It's About Time: Next Steps

First of all a huge THANK YOU to everyone for all the views and downloads of our demo! It's wonderful to have seen so much interest in trying out the game!

For those who  tried the game, it would be wonderful to have your thoughts/suggestions/feedback on it. Or if you're still in the middle of the game (It's a pretty long demo at 50k words after all), let us know how you're finding it so far. Our team is currently making plans to finish the full version and write each route, so now is a great time to influence how things will play out for your LI and the story overall. Who is your favorite LI? What parts did you enjoy most? What parts dragged on a little or seemed out of character? What would you most like to see in the next phase of the game? How did you like the way the demo ended (though careful, no spoilers for others)?  Anyone find (or think they may have found) a hidden scene?  (yes there are a couple)

At this point we will probably do one minor update where we handle a few bug fixes, things like grammar and typo errors (yes there's a lot). But I'm also considering building a web distribution that lets people play online. Any interest in that? 

Last, we're planning out the schedule for the finished game. We may join SuNoFes for that, not sure. In any case... would love to hear from you and learn your experience with the game so far? Thanks again for your interest and support!

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